1. What is Austin Roadhouse Records (ARR)?

ARR showcases the best of new music and art in Austin, Texas. Our aim is to showcase your song or artwork for all of the world to enjoy. We love Austin music and art and want to help promote the artists involved and help them become more successful. We want all creative talent in Austin to shine and flourish together.

The idea is to blend music, art, and community spirit. Bands perform evening sets that showcase their talents. The shows are multi-track recorded and offered to the bands. Each band can have one song at a time in MP3 format to be showcased on the Austin Roadhouse Records website that gives information on how to get in touch with the band. All recordings are live performances that capture the energy and excitement that make up what actually happens. Live music is spontaneous, sexy, dangerous, and unpredictable. And Art happens everywhere, all of the time. The trick is to develop new ways of seeing things and to present our visions to the world.

2. What are the requirements to have my band's MP3 song on the ARR Website?

Book a gig or a session at Roadhouse Rags (http://www.myspace.com/roadhouserags). To do this contact clay@austinroadhouserecords.com. You or your your band will perform a live show at the venue which will be recorded on a 16 track, high resolution digital system.

If you book a show, the band will receive 80 percent of the door, so bring your Crowd. If you have a great show the live tracks may be purchased for the band's use. In addition, ARR can mix your show for an additional fee.

ARR will select at our discretion, one song for inclusion on the site. Each band will have only one song on the site. The song can be switched out for another song after a period of time at the bands request. The newest music uploaded will appear at the top of the listings.

3. Will I have to give up any rights to my music or artwork?

The musician or artist retains full and complete rights to all publishing, licensing and copyright ownership. The artist must agree not to hold ARR responsible for any illegal use of their copyrighted material. The band agrees to let ARR use one MP3 to promote the band and the bands website. Any and all business between the band and the public will be done directly through the band's website and email contact. The artist agrees to let ARR use one piece of their artwork to promote the artist and the artist’s website. Any and all business between the artist and the public will be done directly through the artist’s website and email contact.

Austin Roadhouse Records (ARR) is a non-profit venue to promote the Austin music and art scene under one umbrella website. The site is privately funded and does not sell music, art or contain any advertising. It exists simply to give the world a taste of what we here in Austin, Texas are lucky enough to experience on a daily basis. It's our give-back to the Austin creative community.

We encourage any and all Austin area musicians and artists to join together with us! We believe by promoting live music and art from the live music capital of the world under one umbrella we can all benefit from the incredible talent living in our slice of heaven!

4. What are the requirements to have my art on the ARR Website?

You must reside in the Austin, Texas area, or have been involved in an event in the Austin, Texas area. Please submit your art (one image) and your website (url) in an email to artist_page@austinroadhouserecords.com with “Submit art-your name” in the subject line. Please include the following:
A. Your name, email address, phone number and the type (media/style - not a requirement) of artwork that you are presenting on the ARR website.
B. Your website url, if you have one. A MySpace or other free website is OK to use.
C. A jpg image of your chosen artwork, 5" x 7" x 150 ppi for us to use for the popup image and the image download for a 5" x 7" print. Keep the size to 800kb or under if possible. Please use underscores instead of spaces in the filename of your artwork.

NOTE: If you have trouble providing your images to us, please email us at artist_page@austinroadhouserecords.com with “art help” in the subject line. You will find most of the information that you will need here. We will use your email address as your contact.

5. Do I have to pay for my ARR listing? Do I have register and log in on each visit to the website?

No, you do not have to pay for any ARR listing. There is no registration or login. It's free to use for any band or artist in the Austin, Texas area! Bands need to have played or are going to play at Roadhouse Rags. Artists need to reside in the Austin, Texas area, or have been involved in an event in the Austin, Texas area.

6. How do I update my band's song and information?

Have a new session or gig for new MP3 songs at Roadhouse Rags.

7. How do I get a new artwork on ARR when my piece has moved off the website?

All you have to do is email ARR new artwork, following the guidelines listed in number 3.

8. How do I sell my band's goods?

Through your website. We will soon have affiliate services to help you with this. Let us know if you are interested.

9. Why does ARR do all this?

We love Austin music and art and want to help promote the artists involved and help them become more successful. We also want to build a brand - “Austin Roadhouse Records” to be synonymous with Austin music, art, and culture.

10. Can I download the music and art from ARR?

Yes. It is all there to for anyone to download, enjoy and feel the amazing creative energy here in Austin, Texas. It's creative sharing from Austin, Texas.

11. Is ARR available only to U.S. residents?

Anyone, anywhere can download our MP3 songs. Only Austin area Artists can put their music and art on our website.

12. Do I need any special software for this website?

No. All you need is Adobe flash Player installed on your web browser. You can download it free with this link.