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To be able to submit artwork for inclusion on the ARR website, you must meet some requirements and email us a jpeg image of your work. Please submit quality artwork only.

You must reside in the Austin, Texas area, or have been involved in an event in the Austin, Texas area. Please submit your art (one image) and your website (url) in an email to with “Submit art-your name” in the subject line. Please include the following:

A. Your name, email address, phone number and the type (media/style - not required) of artwork that you are presenting on the ARR website.

B. Your website url, if you have one- a MySpace or other free website is OK to use for this. If you do not have a website, we can use your email address.

C. A jpg image of your chosen artwork, 5" x 7" x 150 ppi for us to use for the popup image and the image download for a 5" x 7" print. Keep the size to 800kb or under if possible. Please use underscores instead of spaces in the filename of your artwork.

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if you need help

Please read Our FAQs here. You can send us an email and we will help you with sizing, formats and other issues.

Please join us to share your talents on the web and promote yourself, free of any fees or hidden agendas!

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